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Powerless Christianity is NOT an Option.

Prophecy, healing ministry, gifts of the Spirit, and evangelism can all happen in powerful, down-to-earth ways. We’re here to help you express your God-given identity in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We offer some of the most practical material available, written and produced by ordinary people like you who have learned to partner with God to do extraordinary things.

Together, we’ll help you:

  • Build your confidence.
  • Understand the Bible.
  • Minister to others in “supernaturally normal” ways.

At Supernatural Truth Productions, our endeavor is to reveal the true Jesus — not a religion, not a philosophy, and not a concept, but the very Person of Jesus Christ.

Through writing, filmmaking, songwriting, audio teachings, and more, this is a growing place for you to encounter God through creativity and media, along with thousands from around the world. You’ll find plenty of free content plus all that is available in our store. A portion of profit from every sale is used to fund ministry around the world, including orphanage development, evangelism, pastor-training, and even this web site.

If you’re new to the site, you may want to check out the blog, videos, or podcast.  Or if you’re here because someone referred you to one of our many products, you can shop around in our online store.

Our desire is to see every Christian living like Jesus in character, love, and power in down-to-earth ways.  For this reason, we try to bring you the most practical and applicable teachings and trainings we know how to offer.  Our hope is that every moment you spend on this web site or with one of our products is a moment spent encountering God and growing in Christ.

Dive in and start discovering today!

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